Friday, July 11, 2008

Obsessing about my pants at 1:45 am (Oct 18, 2006)

about my pants
at 1:45 am

about my only sweater
at 1:55

Should I keep them?
Should I get rid of them?

Get rid of?

Over and over

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            - Jim DuBois


PocketCT said...

I see you are trying to do the 100 Things Challenge. Can I ask you though, does my pack of 1000 qtips rule me out from even trying?

Jim DuBois said...

It doesn't rule you out. The guy who invented it says you can define it how you want. He is not including his books...

I just like the idea of getting down to less stuff. I doubt I could get even close to 100. Unless I counted "clothes" as 1 thing, etc.

I have 25 paint brushes... I might just say "art supplies" or "all the supplies I can fit in a certain amount of space".