Thursday, December 25, 2008

All of Broken-Down Humanity

All of broken-down humanity,
raging like crazy people in the night,
desperately searching for connection,
or holed-up in private castles
hoarding crumbs of affection and sparse memories of being human.

All of broken-down humanity,
getting drunk and fucking
like it's a miracle cure,
or watching hour after hour of mediocre tv shows,
killing time with endless scrabble games.

All of broken-down humanity,
trying not to feel,
trying not to face it,
or burning up from the agony and terror
and going down in flames.

All of broken-down humanity,
this is why you did heroin,
this is why you started wars,
this is why you hurt and rape and kill.

All of broken-down humanity,
lost in the wilderness of society,
pretending it's ok,
wishing for more... maybe,
forgetting how to dream,
forgetting how to want,
forgetting who we really are.

All of broken-down humanity,
searching for answers in weird mystical places and practices
- astrology and acupuncture and hundreds of religions,
and the only real answer is:
there's no room to be you!
we got fucked-over and are lonely,
we must build a new world.

All of broken-down humanity,
- we can only fuck and fuck-over
because we've forgotten love,
forgotten how to love.

We need a change
we need to remember
we need to make room for our humanity
we need to recover from the ages
we need to rest
we need real love.

-Jim DuBois

1 comment:

Selena said...

Wow! Jim, you amaze me, more and more with your poetry and how you are able to express yourself in what you see and feel. I really appreciate that. Thank you!