Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Short poems about an old lover

Sleeping with you
beneath purple horse and yellow sky
my heart wakes up

Walking home
thinking of ______
a bird hops by

Walking you home
in my stolen red shirt
the streets are quiet

Swinging gently in my hammock
the knot in my stomach unclenches
I think I just got over you

-Jim DuBois
c 1996


Cory Raymond said...

Well, Jim, I hope the purple horse was on a poster or something. Sleeping under the real thing, even if it is purple, can be hazardous to your health due to restless horsie feet, not to mention that equine predilection to, again, pardon my french, pissing gallons...
Your friend in poetry, cory

Jim DuBois said...

The purple horse was drawn on some paper or something. I don't remember exactly. Which is funny to me.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was on a tapestry filled with purple dancing moons and moths (as well as purple horses).