Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stars, and Ice

Walking back through the front field at night,
after feeding the cats at the barn,
we used to lay down and stare up at the stars
and feel the enormousness of their distance
and what it would be like
to just keep falling
up into the sky.

Sometimes when we came back that way
in the winter,
the whole hill would be covered
with ice-encrusted snow
and we used to lay down on our bellies
and slide slowly
all the way down.

Jim DuBois
Jan 1, 2010


Cory Raymond said...

Hi Jim,

This is beautiful. Peaceful. Evocative. Reminds me of when I lived in Montana, although I never intentionally slid on my belly in the snow!

Love your work!


Cory Raymond said...

Hello again, Jim.

I thought that I was already following this blog, but apparently I wasn't. I have remedied the situation. Your work is great!

April-Lyn said...

I love this - the images of falling up into the sky contrasting with sliding down the hill, and the enormity of the sky contrasted with the earthiness of lying on your belly. It really works. I love even more that it was written on New Year's Day.

Jim DuBois said...

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

I wanted to say that my very favorite part of the poem is the title. The comma there makes the title just exactly what I wanted it to be.