Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fire

"I finally got my wish."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You know how I wished
my house would burn down
and then I wouldn't
have to worry
about all the crap
I've been collecting
and feel trapped by?
Well, it just happened."

It was just
your defensive humor
and good attempt
to handle a shock,
because really,
it sucked
and who knows
what to do
in reaction
to these things?

We talked some more
and I decided
I would raise some money
for you over the internet,
which I had never tried before,
but it worked out
that I raised $2500
in a few days
and the whole thing
popped me out of
my sense of powerlessness
and made me see myself
in a fresh light
and made me grateful
for the chance
to come to your aid
because I think
we're all really heroes
on the inside,
waiting for a chance
to do good,
to change a part
of the world
for the better
and I'm glad
I saw this chance
and took it.

-Jim DuBois
Jan 28, 2014, written about an event that took place in December 2012.

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