Thursday, October 2, 2014

Unexpected consequences from talking to you on the phone yesterday afternoon

At that particular time of day
I could see the dust
that had built up
below the radiator
I'd missed it for years, I guess

So the next day
I broke out
the big sponge
I'd been saving
for no particular reason
and I cleaned up
all that dust

and then I realized
that cleaning my toilet,
which I'd been meaning to do
for a while,
would go much faster and easier
with the big sponge

so I cleaned the toilet too
and afterwards realized
that this whole
chain of events
was a perfect thing
to write about

and that sometimes
we don't see the chains
so clearly,
but they are always there.

-Jim DuBois
Sep 22, 2014
(composed in blog)

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Alex Watt said...

this is simply wonderful.