Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lame Little Bird

Lame little bird,
leg stuck out sideways,
dragging across the ground,
hopping around like everything is normal,
you are made of
Quarks and Protons, too!

-Jim DuBois
August 19, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

SItting on your couch

Sitting on your couch,
Wanting to be closer to you,
Wondering what I should do (if anything).
Maybe I'll show you this?

-Jim DuBois
Fall 2007

Sunday, August 15, 2010

American Spirit

I keep finding these
discarded American Spirit
cigarette boxes
and thinking it's ironic
(ha ha Indians are
back to nature, etc,
funny to see it here, etc)
but then I realized
tt wasn't, it was actually
a message from
the true American Corporate Spirit:
Kill people, take their image
idealize it to sell
addictive things
to help control
the population
and make a profit,
and leave trash
in the wilderness.

-Jim DuBois
April 25, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Like the Sun - #17

To lead people well,
you must be one of them,
no better or worse,
no more or less deserving.

Don’t glorify your achievements,
don’t hide your difficulties.

Who you are will be enough.

Let others go before you,
let others come after.

When you are just another person,
with no selfish desires,
your leadership will last and be effective.

- Jim DuBois

[This is an excerpt from my book, Like The Sun, from the section about leadership. Get the whole book]

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Like the Sun - #66

Have you seen the great canyons,
carved hundreds of feet through stone
into the earth?

It was only flowing water and time
that achieved such a spectacular result.

But on any given day,
you won’t see much evidence
of this occurring.

It can be useful to picture your efforts
in life similarly.

Each day you put effort into
your work, a bit here and a bit there.

Most often there is no immediate drama as a result,
but sometimes you can see the canyon-like effect,
stretching backwards in time.

You don’t need to do more
than to be persistent in your efforts to achieve something.

Indeed, there is hardly a way
you could force all the effort
required for spectacular things
into one day.

-Jim DuBois

[This is an excerpt from my book, Like The Sun, from the section about getting stuff done. Get the whole book]