Friday, September 25, 2009

Because of You (Make Another Poem)

Two summers ago I was trying to make up a simple poetry form. I wanted something simple, positive, and rhythmic. An easy form and way to remind other people that they matter to us and the world.

Here is the result of it. Please make up one or two and post them!

The rules:

1. The whole poem is to someone in particular who has made a positive impact on your life. You pick who.
2. Three lines, each starting with "Because of you"
3. One of the lines (you pick which one) has nothing else on it.
4. The other two lines have concrete details of what is better in your life and the world because of the person. Try to be as sincere as you can. And be positive.
5. When the poem is done, post it on their profile, or send them an email of it, or send a copy in the actual mail, or recite it to them, or something friendly like that. (Also, post it here in a comment, so we can see it too!)

Here's a recent one:

(To Kara)

Because of you.
Because of you
    there's a lot more love
    in my life these days.
Because of you
    there's a lot more love
    in the world.

Here are my two, from that summer. (I also posted them on their Facebook walls):

(To Phoebe)

Because of you I'm sleeping better lately
Because of you I sang part of a song as I walked along
Because of you

(To Kristen)

Because of you
Because of you I'm happily reading the last Harry Potter
Because of you the lives of my friend and her child are better

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Dance Shoes ( + Make a poem )

I wrote a poem a year or so ago, and then invented a poetic form from it. Here's the poem:

My dance shoes,
slightly worn,
resting after a night of lindy hopping.

the milky way
hurtles along its billion year journey.

Now here is how you can use the same form, and make a poem, which I really really hope you will do, and post in a comment on this blog. Just follow the directions below.
(the numbers are what line it is, and anything in ( ) is a direction about what to write on that line. Anything besides numbers and directions should be written in the poem, like punctuation and "meanwhile".)

1. (concrete, knowable everyday object(s) ),
2. (adjective describing the object(s) ),
3. (a short phrase describing the object(s) ),
4. (an 'ing' phrase [resting, running, reading, etc] about what the object(s) are doing at the moment).

5. Meanwhile,
6. (a very large almost ungraspable concrete object. Meaning something that exists, rather than an entirely abstract concept, but one that is hard to comprehend entirely)
7. (what that object does right now, using a present tense verb [runs, eats, sleeps, hurtles, etc] ).

Previously posted on my MySpace blog, with poems after it by other people

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Many Words on a List


-Jim DuBois

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



-Jim DuBois

Friday, September 11, 2009


I remember that time
we were walking
along the Holyoke ridge
and you said,
"It looks like these
are basalt columns
that thrust up
through the earth
about 200 million years ago,"
and I thought,
"he just wants to sound
like he's smart,"
but the plaque
at the end of the trail
said almost exactly
what you had.

Another time
we were talking on the phone
and you mentioned
that some days
you only try to have
as much motivation
as is needed
to do the immediate
next thing,
such as reach the doorknob
and leave a room,
and I thought,
"he's just trying
to sound inspirational,"
but many many years later
I still think about
what a helpful perspective
you offered me.

Now, I'm glad
that despite my momentary cynicisms
I got to see your mind
functioning well.

-Jim DuBois
Sep 10, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

When You Were Almost Two

When you were almost two,
you and me and Shahana
ran around in Eastworks
while our other people
talked after dinner
at the Apollo Grill.

There was this huge plastic bear
in one of the windows
and I lifted you up
so you could get a better view.
Shahana wanted to see too,
so I picked her up with my other arm
and we looked at the bear together.

We laughed and talked and pointed
and I felt peaceful and happy and content.

I held you guys for as long as I could,
until my arms got tired,
but if I could, I'd be there still,
holding you up to see the bear.

-Jim DuBois
March + Aug 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Musings

I. The Mountain

On the trip up the mountain,
I think about how, in life,
as opposed to in stories,
there are a lot of loose ends
and characters you meet briefly
that seem interesting
but play no further part.

I wonder about the people I met today.
Do they figure prominently?
Are they major or minor figures
in this mini-drama?

II. Skinny-Dipping

Sometimes, seeing girls naked is relaxing
because there are no longer any secret hidden mysteries
that they might have.
They are just people with bodies.
And boobs become just,
well, boobs.

III. The Neighborhood

Walking around the neighborhood,
I am amazed by the community and closeness
people could have, but don't.
There is so much quietness and distance
packed into a small area.
It's as if everyone is holed-up
in their own castle,
waiting out the siege.

-Jim DuBois
June, 2007