Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Continuing My Mission

I’m continuing my mission
    to become closer
    to these…
    …humans, sir.

On the whole I am making
    good progress:
    I have walked among them,
    gone to “parties”
    and, in recent days,
    have become intimately involved
    with a woman…

She is my “girlfriend”,
    as they call it
    here on earth.

    there are times
    when certain unforseen feelings
    and distract me
            (albeit, momentarily)
    from my main objective.

                        loneliness, -
these unpleasant preoccupations
    were not covered
    thoroughly enough
    in my training, sir.

I recommend a level 2 debriefing
    for all personnel
    engaged in “caring for one another”
    and also for those
    currently in training
    to do so.

In closing,
    I would like to give you
    what the humans call
    a “hug”.


It’s ok, sir:
    I found them unpleasant at first, too.

With practice,
    that will fade,
    and one day
        you might like them.

-Jim DuBois
Dec 15, 2000

Saturday, June 20, 2009

In the Winter, I saw Ducks

I hear the unceasing hum
of the traffic in the distance;

Everyone is rushing to get somewhere
and not spending much time
being anywhere.

In the winter, I saw ducks
swimming on an icy stream,
dipping their heads down into the water
to eat, like they always do.

I imagine the people turning off their cars
and placidly floating along like ducks
on the currents of life,
not controlled by those currents
and not resisting them either.

-Jim DuBois

This is an selection from my book of poetry philosophy, "Like the Sun". You can get a copy here

Monday, June 15, 2009

Already Broken

The glass
is already

The house
is already

My bones
are crumbling
to dust

April 5, 1998

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Sometimes you see the shadows
But miss the birds

-Jim DuBois
Sept 4, 1999

Thursday, June 11, 2009

All I had left

All I had left
The quietness
My own footsteps

-Jim DuBois
May 30, 1999

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Far Reaches of the Galaxy

      I’ve been having this fantasy
      that I’m travelling
      through the far-reaches
            of the galaxy

I’m riding alone
      aboard this spacecraft
      and there’s nothing to do
      except relax
            and see where I end up

Worrying won’t help you
      when you are millions of miles away
      from where you want
            to be,
      And I have accepted this
      and appreciate the nearby stars
            and my sturdy ship

But I am waiting for that
      garbled subspace transmission,
      (which I think will arrive any day now
      from the higher life-forms
      on planet earth)
      which says,
            “You’ve paid your dues,
                  it’s time
                  to come home.”

-Jim DuBois