Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Continuing My Mission

I’m continuing my mission
    to become closer
    to these…
    …humans, sir.

On the whole I am making
    good progress:
    I have walked among them,
    gone to “parties”
    and, in recent days,
    have become intimately involved
    with a woman…

She is my “girlfriend”,
    as they call it
    here on earth.

    there are times
    when certain unforseen feelings
    and distract me
            (albeit, momentarily)
    from my main objective.

                        loneliness, -
these unpleasant preoccupations
    were not covered
    thoroughly enough
    in my training, sir.

I recommend a level 2 debriefing
    for all personnel
    engaged in “caring for one another”
    and also for those
    currently in training
    to do so.

In closing,
    I would like to give you
    what the humans call
    a “hug”.


It’s ok, sir:
    I found them unpleasant at first, too.

With practice,
    that will fade,
    and one day
        you might like them.

-Jim DuBois
Dec 15, 2000

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