Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Noel, I forgot you were dead

"That's where
I met Noel
selling paper ephemera
at the sidewalk sale.

He's this interesting guy...

...well, he was...

I forgot: he died
this past winter.

We would
bump into each other
around town,
play a little magic
or poker,
he would tell me
about being italian,
about his Sicilian hertitage,
and then we wouldn't
see each other
for a while,
six months or a year.

I guess I figured
this was just another
of those
in between times.

Maybe that's
a better way
to think about it

-Jim DuBois
Aug, 4, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Working Class Wisdom #5

My maintenance guy,
after repainting
my bathroom ceiling,

"I try to make it
a little better if I can
but not worry about it
too much.

After all,
it ain't the Taj Mahal!"

-Jim DuBois
Aug 9, 2016

Working Class Wisdom #4