Friday, April 20, 2012

The White Ferret

We went out
onto my back porch
on our way to go camping,
and there was this
white ferret
kind of eagerly sniffing
around the door.
We asked at the
other apartments
if they knew
anything about it,
but we learned
so we made
a snap decision
and took it with us
on our trip.

Now it mostly rained
that trip,
and we kept the ferret
in the car,
and tried feeding it
different things.
It seemed to like
jelly the best.
It jumped around
in the car,
and slept a lot.

We found a fish-hook
and a broken-down house
up in the hills,
and made a lot of jokes
at night.

Then we left
early on sunday
in the rain,
and when we got back
discovered that
my upstairs neighbor
had owned two white ferrets
who had escaped
onto the roof.
The other one
had fallen off and died,
but ours
got to go on
a strange trip
it probably
never expected.

-Jim DuBois
March 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

not the me

I'm not the me
you used to know

I'm not the me
you're looking for

I'm not the me
I used to be

I shed my skin
I renewed my heart
I opened up
  to the world
  more than ever

Open to more goodness
Open to more sadness
  and despair
  as they flow out of me
Open to more loneliness
  and preoccupation
Open to more of myself
Open to my own power
  and attractiveness

-Jim DuBois
March 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oberon's Story

being the last and final
king of the fairies,
retained much power
and magic
that had belonged
to his ancestors,
but the world of fairy,
being so empty,
offered him little,
so he spent much time
in the human world,
where few knew
his true self,
and he often succumbed
to the old enchantments
which bound the human world
and made it plain.

Those spells
had been laid upon humans
long ago,
to confuse,
to distract,
to make them forget,
by some primal force
that not even
the lore of the fairies
knew the source of.

You would be tempted to say
these old enchantments
were powerful,
but they weren't.
They were flimsy,
but quite deceptive.
If you could
see through them,
they dispersed easily,
given time.

So Oberon's story
is one of
forgetting and remembering,
forgetting and remembering,
trying to break enchantments,
trying to use his power
to liberate
the magic of the world.

-Jim DuBois
Jan 6, 2012