Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Doesn't Turn Out Like in the Movies (Feb 25, 2005)

There's that face in the crowd,
a random person in a sea of strangers,
that sets your heart on fire,
and it doesn't turn out like in the movies,
because you never meet them,
and your struggle to tell them you love them
never gets resolved, one way or another.
You just go on seeing them every once in a while,
heart-aching, trying not to let on, trying not to care,
wondering why it seems to matter to begin with,
but not understanding how you can do nothing,
or how you could do anything, anyway.

-Jim DuBois


Jan said...

Why would I ever need to express myself, when you say what I am thinking, only better?

Jim DuBois said...

Because every one has their own perspective. I like reading your blog because it is uniquely you.

Thanks for the compliment, though.