Monday, December 29, 2008


I got a paper-cut
opening my health insurance

- Jim DuBois

Thursday, December 25, 2008

All of Broken-Down Humanity

All of broken-down humanity,
raging like crazy people in the night,
desperately searching for connection,
or holed-up in private castles
hoarding crumbs of affection and sparse memories of being human.

All of broken-down humanity,
getting drunk and fucking
like it's a miracle cure,
or watching hour after hour of mediocre tv shows,
killing time with endless scrabble games.

All of broken-down humanity,
trying not to feel,
trying not to face it,
or burning up from the agony and terror
and going down in flames.

All of broken-down humanity,
this is why you did heroin,
this is why you started wars,
this is why you hurt and rape and kill.

All of broken-down humanity,
lost in the wilderness of society,
pretending it's ok,
wishing for more... maybe,
forgetting how to dream,
forgetting how to want,
forgetting who we really are.

All of broken-down humanity,
searching for answers in weird mystical places and practices
- astrology and acupuncture and hundreds of religions,
and the only real answer is:
there's no room to be you!
we got fucked-over and are lonely,
we must build a new world.

All of broken-down humanity,
- we can only fuck and fuck-over
because we've forgotten love,
forgotten how to love.

We need a change
we need to remember
we need to make room for our humanity
we need to recover from the ages
we need to rest
we need real love.

-Jim DuBois

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Transformations (Dec 15, 2008)

The wolf and the crow
    visited me one winter night,
            "Your true self is waiting,
             Your true self is waiting,"
and I snuck out
    into the cold and dark
where I ate wild grubs
    of the present moment
and foraged for bark
    from the tree of life
until my clothes turned
    brown and grey and green,
    the colors of the woodsfolk,
and I could run one hundred miles
    without stopping
and my wings finally regrew
    and I disappeared into the sky.

-Jim DuBois

Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in the Kingdom of Me (Dec 13, 2008)

Back in the kingdom of me,
the dust has gathered on the floor
and birds nest in the high tower,
but I have finally returned,
so I light a new fire in the hearth,
clean up a little,
and look out at the land
I have missed for so long.

-Jim DuBois

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oberon Escaping (Dec 13, 2008)

I cast a circle of protection.
I cast a spell of invisibility.

I walk the back roads,
and hidden paths.

I call upon old oaths
and forgotten pacts.

I break your enchantment
and return to the land of Faerie.

-Jim DuBois

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Like a Radio Wave (Sept 2002)

Like a radio wave,
  moving steadily outward
    into the universe

Like a radio wave,
  or an echo,
    or light travelling from distant stars,
      informing viewers of events
        that are already well past
          in history

Like a radio wave,
  having no fixed point,
    only appearing
  to exist
    when there is a radio

Like language,
  encoded and encryted
    meanings –
        without a listener

Like a moment of history,
    or a book,
  sending out ripples of influence
    into the future

Has the moment passed?
  Or just some of it?

Like evolution and procreation,
  providing an unbroken line,
    a varied but cohesive system of life forms

-- One moment,
                many appearances

Just one moment
  without a beginning or end
Just one self-modifying,
  everlasting moment,

Expanding like the universe,
  being picked up once in a while
    by various
      sensors and receptors.

Just a moment of existence,
    like a radio wave,
      moving outward.

-Jim DuBois

Monday, December 1, 2008