Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Short Poems, Short Affair

All fucked-up
      and tender-hearted,
waiting for you to call

Long, open-hearted hours,
at the green bus stop,
      and in my dream-like room

I love you already,
I miss you
      even after one day

Real love is so simple
I don't have much to say about it,
      but I want to keep saying it

Confusing conversation -
you like me... but...
not ready right now?

All fucked-up
      and broken-hearted,
and wishing you were mine

I kissed you goodnight
I took that flower you gave me out of my pocket
I put your number back with all my other numbers



Selena said...

I feel what your saying and how your feeling!
I know.
Thank you so much for being you and loving everyone the way that you do.
Thank you for sharing yourself so openly.
You are a good role model yourself, my friend.

knownoone said...

This is one of my favorites b/c it describes your feelings so vividly. Even though it is more clear now after you explained the inspiration for this poem, I prefer it w/out that context b/c it leaves more up to the imagination.