Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Notes from Years ago

  1. Slow down, find Natural rhythms
  2. See world in biggest picture possible.
    Expand your boundaries, increase your visions
  3. See Now (present moment) as
    complex sum of all there is;
    helps you understand that
    every moment is always
    new and different
  4. See your place in the universe


Anonymous said...

Sound advice throughout. Following it? How's it working out for you? What advice do you have now for your future self>

Jim DuBois said...

Still good ideas. Refreshing to come upon this in my notes. Advice for my future self? Things take time. Progress is incremental. Love adds meaning to life. Perseverance is important to achieving things. Life ends up being what it is instead of what you wished it was; but if you accept that you can work with it and move forward.

Eliza said...

I like your train of thought.

I made a list about 10 years ago to help myself develop
and complete a series of paintings

1. ringer off
2. Don't give away your fire.
3. If necessary, fire your boss.